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Giving Divvy Bikes a Tri (Along With Some Swimming and Running)

A foggy morning for a swim/bike/run On Saturday morning at Montrose Beach I completed my second triathlon: the Chicago Triathlon SuperSprint. There were a few differences between this one and the North Shore Triathlon that I did last year . The first difference was that this was a SuperSprint rather than a Sprint distance (375m swim | 10K bike | 2.5K run vs 750m swim | 20K bike | 5K run) or about half the distance. The second was that I was a part of the inaugural Divvy Wave of the SuperSprint, meaning that rather than needing to bring my own bike (or in the case of last year, Fuzzy's bike), I just showed up at the race site in the morning, grabbed a Divvy and set up my tri station stuff around it. For your typical triathlete I would say that this is a less than ideal set-up. You're not going to have the bike you want and definitely not the speed you want and if you're going for time, you're going to be disappointed. However, for someone dabbling in the tria

The Most American Run: The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail - it even sounds American How American was your run today? Not as American as mine. For serious. Today I ran the most American run possible: The Freedom Trail . There was a little bit of Commonwealth Avenue thrown in there for good measure but, for the most part, this run was all Freedom Trail - from the Visitor Information Center in Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution, I ran all the history today. And if you're ever visiting Boston, I definitely recommend it - if you can stand that much history in one run. So here are some pictures from the run to highlight some of the most impressive/memorable spots along the trail. These placards are sprinkled throughout the trail and typically signify a site to check out

$1 Per Mile Donated to Back on My Feet With the Mizuno Baton App

What if for every mile you ran $1 was donated to charity?  Well, that's possible this week. Some back story: a few years ago when I lived in River North I found out about an organization called Back on My Feet , a national organization that "uses running to help those experiencing homelessness transform their own lives and achieve employment and independent living." The group I ran with was based out of the Lawson House YMCA but there are three locations across Chicago . Though I was only able to run with the group for a few months - in the dead of winter, no less - I found the entire experience inspiring. Not only are you getting a morning run in, but you're running with people who are looking to get "back on their feet" and are using the program as a method to make that happen. All this is to say that Fleet Feet Chicago is teaming up with Mizuno this week to support Back on My Feet. As you may know, the Elvis is Alive 5K - hosted by Fleet

What is a Sproing? Try a Free Class and Find Out

Professional style Sproinging Sproing. What? Before I go any further I should probably give some description of what Sproing is - otherwise, if your mind is anything like mine, it goes to all kinds of places with that word. Sproing is a new type of fitness class based on the Pose Method and - more specifically to Chicago - it's a new fitness studio that is now open in Old Town. Back in May I checked out a Sproing class with a group of Chicago Running Bloggers. At the time - after a somewhat lackluster session that didn't leave me feeling very worked out - I wasn't especially impressed with the Sproing experience. Given that they were still relatively new at the time - having just opened in April - I decided to give it another try yesterday now that they've been up and running for several months. And I'm glad I did. Before I go into detail describing the class, let me just say that it is a serious (and seriously exhausting) high intensity, low impa