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Newcity Top 5 of Everything 2013 - Running Categories

Yesterday Newcity released its annual Top 5 of Everything issue . And like last year I have a few running lists in there. There are also a number of other good lists in this issue (it is an issue of lists after all) so either check it out at a newstand or local shop near you (maybe this distribution map will help) over the next few weeks or view the complete list online via the link above.  Last year I made a semi-resolution to run 52 races this year (after running 45 in 2012) but I fell pretty far short of that goal after my IT band injury... so maybe I'll move that goal forward and try again in 2014.  Anyway, here are my running lists: Top 5 Chicago 5K Races of 2013 Chi-Town Big Game 5K (February 3) Ridge Run Challenge (May 27) Chinatown 5K (July 13) Terrapin 5K & Music Festival (August 8) Carrera de los Muertos (November 2) Top 5 Chicago Half Marathons of 2013 F^3 Lake Half (January 26) Chicago 13.1 Marathon (June 8) Chicago

The Jingle Bell Run/Walk aka The Trail Run You Didn't Know Chicago Had

It snowed all night. And it snowed all morning. And, as I write this, it is still snowing. In short, it's pretty snowy out there in Chicago right now. This morning - along with a number of other people who didn't know whether to be excited or concerned about all the snow - I ran the  Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis . And as the title of this blog implies, it was way more than just a typical Chicago road/sidewalk/Lakefront Trail race:

Chicagoland's SECOND Annual February Fool's Goal Half Marathon/Debacle???

A foolish fool before 2013's Muddy Monk Frozen Five An open letter to Muddy Monk: I was just taking a look at the viewing statistics for this blog and noticed that the story about Chicagoland's First Annual February Fool's Goal Half Marathon/Debacle has gotten a big jump in views lately. So I decided to do a little research and see if this epically foolish adventure would be possible to duplicate in 2014. As it turns out, things are shaping up quite nicely. Carpe Diem Races and the Channahon Park District are keeping it old school and sticking with their schedules from last year. Check out the current schedules for these guys on 2/9/2014: Cupid's Love Dash 5K at 8:20am Channahon Frosty 5 Mile at 1pm So, Muddy Monk, now we're just waiting on you to schedule the Frozen Five Mile. According to your website , you've already got it set for February, but are just waiting to nail down the exact date/time. Might I suggest February 9th at 10am? Prett